An event series dedicated to scholarship on the history of emotions


“Worrying about the Field of the History of Emotions in Ireland” is an event series funded by an Irish Research Council (IRC) New Foundations Award. The purpose of the events is to offer an accessible path through approaches, debates and past and current trends in the history of emotions. In doing so, they hope to highlight and support current scholarship in Ireland on emotion history while also fostering a research and teaching environment where the multiple layers of emotions and their role in the making of history can be debated.

The Series includes two seminars which will be held on 10.10.2019 and 15.11.2019 and a one-day conference which will be held on 18.01.2020.

The Series is a collaboration between the Architecture and Narrative project, the UCD Centre for the History of Medicine and the UCD Humanities Institute.

The Series organiser: Dr. Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi (Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Edinburgh, University College Dublin).

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